Zombie Escape - Scary (Classic)

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The world is destroyed by the zombie apocalypse save yourself by collecting coins and escaping to the safe zone.

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Map Updates

10 months ago

Winterfest Zombie update!
New winter zombies.
Some new weapons and upgrades.
Get XP from playing the map!
Leaderboard (so compete with others).

Improved visual UI for easier understanding.
Fixed a lot of bugs.

12 months ago

New improved gameplay directions.
Now buy weapons!
New thumbnail.
Spookier (Increased darkness and fog)

1 year ago

One person map.
New Guns.
A lot of visual improvements for player direction.
Fixed some gameplay bugs.
Easter egg updated.
Better Island Image.

2 years ago

Matchmaking enabled.
Friendly fire off.
Better island image.

2 years ago

Added POI names.
Added minigun.
Added secret room.
Added a lot of visual improvements for better playability.
Easy guides to help new players.
Fixed a lot of bugs.
Increased the amount of players to 4 (previously 3) so jump in with your squad!

2 years ago

Decreased the amount of Player to 1.
Fixed the tracker.


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Nishant KR

It’s so dump it randomly restores island & restarts game Everytime

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Zombie Escape - Scary (Classic)

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