About FortniteCreativeHQ

FortniteCreativeHQ was created because many people have spent countless hours making amazing creations and as soon as they are off the front-page of Reddit/Twitter/Instagram they get forgotten. That's not cool. The community needed a place to keep maps and allow the community to promote the maps that deserve more attention. That place didn't exist. So, *ahem* just build lol.


After consideration, I developed FortniteCreativeHQ, a solution to the problem of getting your content seen by the people who want to see it.

The Fortnite Creative subreddit is the main place people have been finding and posting Fornite Creative Island Codes, and while it's awesome at showing people new content, it doesn't work well for finding content that wants to be found. After a day or two, the content that received a lot of attention becomes stale, unvisited. Like being on the second page of Google -- technically accessible, but not often seen.

With this new platform, creators can get the reward commensurate with making good content, that is to say, well-deserved attention. Every creator has their own dedicated page that allows people who enjoy their work to show support, through subscribing to their various social networks or supporting them financially through the use of Creator Codes.

FortniteCreativeHQ is being actively developed to meet the needs of both content creators and gamers alike, so if you like, make sure you drop a share on one of your socials, it means a lot.

We're always happy to hear from creators and players alike, you can contact us here.

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Creative HQ is not affiliated with Epic Games. Fortnite, the Fortnite logo, and my soul, belong to Epic Games.