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HQ Creator Program

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For over a year, has been dedicated to helping Creators publicize and promote their maps and get them supporters. In the last year, maps on HQ have been viewed a total of 13,996,332 times.

What is the HQ Creator Program?

As an HQ Creator, you get access to tools for managing your maps(s) as well as your Creator Profile which lists your social media accounts (twitter, youtube, twitch, etc.) so your fans can follow you.

You also get access to a Creator-only chat room where you find find friendly advice on how to implement specific mechanics, find a build partner, or even hop into a lobby with other Creators to playtest maps (or get your maps playtested).

Want to be FEATURED on the homepage?

Every Friday, HQ Creators can submit one map to be featured on the Front Page of and get added to the popular ‘Featured‘ Category. This can only be done in the creator-only section of our Discord.

Managing your Maps

FCHQ’s control-panel provides an easy-to-use interface to manage every aspect of your map, including all of the following:

  • Map name
  • Map Description including rich text support and ability to add images, etc. to fully describe your island, include rules and add all necessary information.
  • Featured Image / Thumbnail
  • Add a video trailer of your map
  • *NEW* Add multiple island codes if your map has several different game modes (like a ‘No Respawn’ mode, or an FFA version of a Hide and Seek map, etc.)
  • Choose up to 3 categories to make it easier for players to find your map.
  • Include up to 10 keywords. This helps players looking for specific map types like “zombies” or “competitive”
  • *NEW* Add additional videos, such as walkthroughs, playthroughs by popular YouTubers, etc.
  • *NEW* Add multiple screenshots of your map
  • *NEW* dd multiple co-creators if someone else worked on the map with you and deserves credit.
  • *NEW* Let your players know when you update your map with

Creator Profile

You deserve credit for your hard work, which is why FortniteCreativeHQ puts your social links on your Creator Profile. Add your twitter, youtube, insta, and more so your fans can follow you.

HQ Creators also get to upload their own avatar which shows up next to their name. This helps their map stand out and get more views, and also increases the number of followers they get on their social networks!

How do I join?

It’s completely free for Creators to set up an HQ Creator account. Here are the steps to joining the HQ Creator program:


Create a new island (or modify an existing one) to have the name:


Publish the island


Paste the island code in the box below along with your email address

That’s it! Using this method allows us to verify that HQ Creators can only claim their own profile.

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord:

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