How to get your very own Support-a-Creator code

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There are many reasons for getting your very own Support-a-Creator (SaC) code. Maybe you want to publish maps for other people to play, or maybe you want to make some side income by gaining supporters? Maybe both.

Whatever your reason, it has never been easier to get your own Support-a-Creator code than it is right now!

On November 30th, Epic Games re-opened the Support-a-Creator applications after being closed for most of the year, calling their new program Support-A-Creator 2.0. πŸŽ‰

Who can get a Support-a-Creator code?

The official site has a list of qualifications to get a support-a-creator code, but here is the big one:

You must have 1,000+ followers on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or VK

(Note: TikTok does NOT qualify 😭)

If you've already got those followers, you've got it easy! Head over to the official page and smash that 'APPLY NOW' button.

Don't have 1,000 followers yet?

No worries, you have a couple of options.

First, you can go on the grind to earn those followers. This is a generally useful practice because it will help you gain traction for the maps that you build if you have people following you. If you go this route, I'd suggest trying to get followers on Instagram. It's far easier to get 1,000 followers on Instagram than on YouTube or Twitter.

It's also important to have a healthy following because the new support-a-creator requirements state that if you don't earn at least $100 per year, your code will be disabled!

Another option is to apply using the Fortnite Creative Creator-only "Creative Publishing Application" which doesn't have a 1,000 follower requirement.

You will need to join the official Fortnite Creative discord server.

(While you're at it, you should join the FCHQ discord server as well)

After that, it's as simple as following the instructions on the official form. You'll need to provide a video of you building a map in Fortnite Creative and provide a bit of additional information, but overall, a pretty painless process.

What's next?

After you get your Support-a-Creator code, be sure to join the HQ Creator program offered by FCHQ. This lets you promote your maps on FCHQ and introduces you to a growing community of over 1,000 other Fortnite Creative creators.

After that, just get building! Tell us what you're working on in the comments below.


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