The Prop Browser

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What is this?

The Prop Browser allows creators to search for any props that are in Fortnite Creative mode, and it will tell you which gallery the prop is in. No more hunting through dozens of galleries just to find that one lamp you are looking for!

Try searching for 'chair' see how it works.

Still lost? Click on the 'Instructions' tab.

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This is a community resource, built by a creator, data collected by creators and used by creators.

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Prop Browser Instructions

How to find a specific prop

The first thing to do is search for the prop you're looking for. "Hydrant" will quickly tell you where to find the Fire Hydrant prop.

What if there are too many results?

If you are searching for the elevator door and type in "Door" you will get results that include everything from the "Indoor Residential Prop Gallery" and any props that have the tag "outdoors". To limit the results to only the props with "door" in the name, you can press the arrow next to the search button and uncheck everything except for "Name".

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