Boss Fight - Tycoon

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- Fight CUSTOM Bosses 😈
- Build your Army ⚔
- Purchase PETS 🐶
- Find Secrets 🌟
- Become a MILLIONARE 💲
- Made in UEFN / Creative 2.0 🥇

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the sideways mini gun is impossible to get! no way to impress the blacksmith for the last golden statue


bro got all but there is no secret scroll

Jackson Hetzel

where r the eight scrolls because thats all i need to get all the golden statues


You buy the machine gun at the vending machine next to the zombie cube monster part area. I impressed the blacksmith today and you get something from his display case 🔨


i got all statuets 8.0mio gold and all zo collect but there is no secret scrolls….


How do you get the charge smg

Mystic Okami

cant beat it keep freezing and kicking me out of game fighting the golem boss


There are now only 7 scrolls

1. Is behind the vending machines next to the main dungeon
2. Is in the shop (walk to the side)
3. Behind the left flag in the orc boss room
4. Above mini klombo
5. Next to the blacksmith in his fire pit
6. Behind a secret wall out side of the weapons shop.
7. In paradise

Hope this helps someone wanting to be a completionist the other goals are pretty easy. It was a fun map to just kill zombies with little objectives along the way and have an end goal. Wasn’t too skill based or impossible for any new players all in all a casual tycoon for friends and was pretty fun. Can’t wait to see what other bosses creative map players make.


Do you know how to get the goo gun back if you droped it and its gone


You’re a life saver my man, I was on hour 5 of total game time with my buddy tonight and this is the only thing that saved us 😂 the rest was super easy


I found all the scrolls thx to Brandon


Best Fortnite. I liked it a lot. Thanks for the mode.
I want to play with five of my friends. but the player limit is 4 which sucks.


If you have the hammer two rooms intron of the entrance of dungeon with the malachite conveyor if you hit it with the conveyor or anything else you can move it out of place and break the game and surroundings but if u hit the malachite conveyor u will open a hole in the world able to go anywhere and glitch outside of the zombie area without being damaged for easy cube parts

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Boss Fight - Tycoon

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