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Cold Front: Survival!

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Map Description

Play with up to 4 players in this cooperative survival experience. Harvest, craft, and fight to SURVIVE!!


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I really like this. Been playing with my friend, but don’t like how when you die you don’t come back. Bummer.


eyo, can you lower how many zombies there are in the beginning and end fight? It’s way too many, especially when you force them to stay in one small confined area. And do not dare to say “up to 4 players” until you fix those things, because this is more like “you need 4 players to beat this” You can’t even attempt to do this with 2 players because of that final bit. This is my least favourite survival map because at least those have zombies spawn at a specific time instead of just wherever they go. And if you don’t add these things, add a guarantee weapon at the beginning, or just add respawning. These aren’t hard to implement, and you have to be partially braindead to not understand that this needs to be fixed.

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Hola. ¿Me podria decir alguien como se guarda la partida en este mapa? Estuve intentando guardarlo ayer mientras jugaba con mis amigos y no sabiámos como. Gracias.

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Hi. Could someone tell me how to save the progress on this map? I was trying to save it yesterday while playing with my friends and we didn’t know how. Thank you.

Isaiah Estabrook

Please change it to where teammates can share items with each other again.

How to play Fortnite Creative maps

The process of loading up a Fortnite Creative map can seem complicated if you've never done it before, but it's actually pretty straightforward.

Simply follow the steps below to load up a Fortnite Creative map in the game!

Step 1: Start Fortnite in 'Creative' mode

You'll have the option of choosing between 'Save the World", "Battle Royale", and "Creative". You'll want to select 'Creative' to load up a Fortnite Creative map in the game.

Step 2: Launch a Fortnite Creative Server

You have three options from here.

  • If you choose 'Island Code' you will be able to load up a map using a Fortnite Creative code.
  • If you choose 'Create' you will enter a private Creative Hub that only you can access.
  • If you choose 'Play' you will load a public server with random Fortnite Creative players.

For the purposes of loading up a Fortnite Creative map that you want to play just by yourself or with your party, select 'Island Code'.

Step 3: Enter the code for the map you want to play

Type in (or copy/paste) the map code you want to load up.

(Reminder: The map code for Cold Front: Survival! is 5791-4774-9462)

Step 5: Play the map!

Simply repeat this process any time you want to load up a new map. Have fun!

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