Skin Changing Hub (Desert)

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Need to change your skin on the fly?

Don't want to leave the server you're in to change your skin?

Well you don't have to do any of that anymore, with this Combo Testing Hub, there are several spots to not only change your skin, but also to test your combos out to see if they're good or not.

You're in a big party and you don't want to give up your rift to change your skin? This map is here to help!

You're about to participate in a fashion show and you notice something off about your combo last minute? This map is here to help!

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Have a good day, stay creative!

Map Updates

3 years ago

Added arrows to all entrances/exits, to help guide players.
Added a how to section, to help players know how to use the map.

3 years ago

Revamped the map
Added matchmaking portals to play other people's maps.

3 years ago

Created the map


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  • 1 - 16 Players
  • 2.2k Copies
  • Published

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Skin Changing Hub (Desert)

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