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Death Maze


Map Description

Custom game mode for up to 16 players, fight your way to the top through challenges and secrets while you gun down enemies.

“As soon as creative dropped, besides making the block submission of cobble château, I set myself a goal of making an interactive, fun, replayable mode where gameplay was the most important aspect, a map that would fully utilize the 16 player possibilities.
I reached the concept of a maze run/dungeon/battle royale mix where players have tons of options available for them, constant fighting for loot, avoiding players and rush to the top, puzzle and challenge solving for their favorite weapon, in a maze with hundreds of possibilities, routes, secrets, weapons, spawns, all to make sure that every single game is different.

Up to 16 players, best played with the full 16
First one to the top that rings the button wins.
Do you want teams of 2? Teams of 4? Every man for himself? You choose your favorite team setting!
No glider redeploy, this is to ensure full fall damage in some challenges/puzzles if they were to be failed.
Drop items on death enabled, this is to reward good gunplay and aggressiveness but at the same time, means that dying is an actual big risk since you will drop all you had with you while the enemies can pick it up, either from a failed challenge or an elimination, make use of this as it’s very important, go guns blazing or wait for someone to do a challenge for you.

The Zones

The maze is divided in areas, each area is filled to the brim with loot, spawners, challenges, puzzles, pathways and secrets, some are easy to spot, some require a leap of faith, some require skill, others require the user to be perceptive, others simply require the user to survive a storm of bullets.
Each pathway overlaps and connects with each other in several ways, some are shortcuts and within these shortcuts there’s sometimes even more shortcuts, it’s up to the player to explore, find them and have fun as they duke it out on their way to the top, make sure to find the checkpoints so if you do die, you’re not sent back to the start.
Each challenge grants a chest with loot, an alternate, faster pathway or a vantage point over other players.
To ensure the areas are fluid and have a decent influx of people traversing them at optimal times, several challenges either go back to certain areas, work as a shortcut or will end exactly where they started, the challenges, loot and speed of the map depends on how high you are, how hard and time consuming is the challenge and if it will put you ahead, behind or leave you on the same spot where you started.

The Downs
The first area and the easiest one to traverse, make no mistake, it’s full of traps, tight turns and secrets, the design on this area means constant fighting and squeezing through danger as there could be enemies in every corner.

The Rise
A more open, no ceiling area, this part of the maze is the first rise to the top.
Challenges and puzzles are everywhere and hidden/alternate pathways is the name of the game, the perfect area to use the resources you’ve gained on the first area, this area is designed to put your jumping and running to the test.

The Labyrinth
The third major area, right on the middle of the maze, it’s a big labyrinth full of dangers in every corner, presents a mix of the open areas and spaces of the rise with tight turns and corners of the downs to create an open labyrinth with tons of alternate paths, each pathway leads to a gruesome end, mid high rarity weapons or a shortcut, in some cases, all 3.
This area is designed to make players analyze hints and truly look at what they’re doing and where they’re going to progress.

The last major area, this place is completely open so you’re in constant danger FROM ALL SIDES, to top it off, this place is full of gravity related challenges, on the very last stretch, it divides into 4 different paths all with their own challenge and loot that culminate at the very top and the crown jewel of the map.
As a bonus, this area includes the hardest challenge in the game, a single failure means instant death, conquer it and you’ll reach the motherload and a particular extremely powerful item, your chances of winning any encounter will be increased tenfold.

This area is designed to put your platforming to the test, one failure could mean the end and when the entire area is open, there’s danger in ever corner at every moment.

The Cage
The last stretch and the end of the maze, this place has no walls, no challenges you could die from, nothing but a full out brawl between all the contestants that have got to this point inside a cage.
It contains platforms and an upward rise to the top, the bottom of the cage has a single player checkpoint, are you confident enough to win it all without dying or is the setback to go down there worth the safe checkpoint?

Not an area per se, but in their journey to the top players with a keen eye might notice several discrepancies, holes, things that shouldn’t be there or maybe they will just stumble into them, right under the maze, on the ground level, there’s several routes accessed only to those fortunate enough to find them, these are big shortcuts that also contain high quality unique loot, however, the player must not only find them but also conquer their more difficult challenges, much like normal pathways, sometimes the challenge is as simple as spotting them, other times and for the better ones, it requires the player to conquer a series of challenges.

I hope you guys enjoy the map, I will LOVE any feedback, suggestions, doubts, questions, problem reports, etc so I can fix it asap, it would be a dream to have this featured so many people can enjoy it.
PD: I’d love if I could get feedback on teams, if they’re working correctly, I’m not fully sure if the custom setting will follow the spawn pads as separate teams as I had a lot of bugs and issues playing with this, ideally, each person wants to be on a separate team to make sure they can fight each other, also, would really appreciate if anyone knows if there’s a way to edit/update a published map without having to republish it.


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