Escape From Fort

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⏱️30 minutes to team up 👥, loot 💰, craft ⚒️, evacuate 🚁, repeat 🔁. Secure the ultimate loot or risk it all in the heart-pounding final showdown 💥.

Map Updates

2 days ago

V1.05 Update (Expedition Refinement Update):

•Changed the map scenery by adding more sharp jagged rocks around the perimeter of the map and in the middle as well, drastically changing the vibe of the map
• Added dirt mounds (Loot chests) near POI spawns for players to loot quickly since areas near spawn had no content they were just grass lands
•Added Isolite encounters when getting near the dirt mounds for more added challenge in POI spawns
• Moved the pre-game lobby above the map in the middle and made it invisible so players can admire the map pre-game
• Changed the bunker reward area a bit to make it less tedious to loot since interaction pop ups weren’t popping up for some items
• Added notification alerts for enemy players when entering bunker
• Changed the bunker hub to make it smaller and added the Big Shield Potion to the Merchant Shop
• Made the Fortilla Bunker harder by adding more enemies after opening the reward room

3 days ago

V1.04 Update (Bunker Update):

• Added Fortilla Bunker, an extremely difficult area that can only be accessed through a keycard the merchant sells for 200 Gold. The bunker contains far stronger enemies that drop higher quality loot and there are small little puzzles (kind of) you need to complete to progress through the bunker. Best recommended with a 2 man party because it is EXTREMELY difficult. *Big reward at the end*
• Fixed weather beginning early in the game. Radiation storms would occur in the first 2:30 minutes or around that time, which they have been changed to occur in the halfway point of the game or 15 minutes.
• Removed the Satellite due to memory issues and its functionality being redundant in singeplayer lobbies (it also was a bit buggy, changing the players health to max every use).
• Added giant rocks to certain places

1 week ago

V1.03 Update(Bomb Quest Update):

• Added Bomb quest in the map
• Fixed generator quest bug, changing the quest goal from 10 to 1 generators
• Also did a minor bug fix to change the how to play because it froze your camera now it works 100% fine

3 weeks ago

V1.02 Update (Clarity Update):

• Cleaned up the How To Play to make it clearer and shorter in order to not info overload players.

• Added Badge Icons to all interactable objects in the bunker.

• Added the Guidemaster (Guidebook basically)

•Added Map Markers to the map to mark points of interest to create a better exploration factor for players (give them an incentive to explore).

•Fixed the problem with item granters only granting items if inventory is empty.

•Fixed camera problems in the How To Play section.

•Added a message when Juggernauts appear

• Added a badge icon over generators in the POI

• Fixed the problem when a duo completes Zero Hour they gain 1k gold each. They now gain 500 each.

• Added a Destroy Generators quest.

• Added some text to the pre-game lobby.

• Increased the light source intensity for radiation storms slightly since some players with different graphic settings see it as a completely dark void instead of seeing green-yellow fog with rain.

• Increased player stamina

3 weeks ago

V1.01 Update:

• Added minor building changes like making the outskirts ruined walls connect to the ground more fluidly, adding broken roofs, adding trash in the interior of a building, etc.

• Improved AI pathfinding for bots since many of them clumped together too much or they clumped together on the first floor despite spawning in the top floors.

• Reduced accuracy for Isolites, but kept high accuracy for watchmen and juggernauts

• Evacuating now also alerts bots for a more immersive single player experience

• Storage system went down from 500 to 150 gold

• Dedicated button in lobby to reset stuck camera glitch

• Weather events are now more common after the tenth minute, going from 50% chance of not happening to 33% respectively.

• Day night cycle added, the previous version had accidentally set the time to noon forever but now you can see the game in all its glory day or night!!!

• Added the New chapter 5 Season 2 weapons in the chest loot pools (Drum Gun and Hand Cannon).

• Added an extra page to the tutorial to accommodate the storage system/ keep the tutorial up to date

• Added a match timer for players to see when the game ends

• Rainstorm Weather events weren’t working originally but now they do.

• Added map marker for Legacy Jewel


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v1.01 Update

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Escape From Fort

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