Feature Friday!

What is Feature Friday?

Every week, creators that are part of the FCHQ community submit maps that are then playtested by expert map makers. The best ones are selected to be featured on the homepage here at FortniteCreativeHQ.com, and the ones that don't make it still get valuable feedback from the playtesters to help them improve their map and their skills as a mapmaker.

Want to submit your map?

Every HQ Creator has the opportunity to submit one map per week. Sign up as an HQ Creator here and then join the discord (you'll get an email with the link) to see the rules and information on how to submit your map.

Submissions are only open for 12 hours, starting Friday at 11:30am Pacific Time.

The HQ Crew

These are the expert map makers that have been playtesting creator made maps for 251 weeks in a row!

Want to play with us?

The HQ Crew only tests about half of the maps every week, the other half are tested by the community!

There are three community playtesting teams lead by @Smurff, @RayBenefield, and @ItzEarthy. You can join playtesting by joining the FCHQ discord and heading to the #­čÄ«playtester-signup channel.

Feature Friday Replays!

­čÄÁ It's time for Feature Friday­čÄÁ

Check out the most recent Feature Friday Funny Moments video from @dolphindom: