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Ruined Remains

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Map Description

Hard mode Hide ‘N Seek – Hide and do parkour in a devastated city swallowed by vines! One bandage for each prey and a boogie bomb spawns each 2 mins.

“Ruined Remains is a ‘hard mode’ Hide ‘n Seek! There are MANY places to hide and places to do parkour. The ideal is to play with up to 9 players. Each prey picks up a bandage in the chest to hide your pickaxe and has two minutes to hide within the built limits.

After that, the Hunter has about 18 minutes to find everyone hiding. Each eliminated target joins the Hunter in search of the other survivors, so don’t let anyone see you, or you will be hunted!

Each 2 minutes a Boogie Bomb spawns in the middle of the map that can be used by both prey and hunter!

Good luck!

It took around 25 hours with the help of my friend LucasAielo!
No building prefabs used. All made from zero.


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