Trickshot Circuit

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Folks gather on an abandoned garbage treatment facility in Canny Valley to witness one of the most challenging racetracks. No boosting please!

“Role-playing info: As a contender, attend to the quad that is appointed to you and wait for the judge’s mark.

As an observer: Move to the back and follow the path to the left of the racetrack until you see a large staircase. Follow it up and it ‘ll take you to the observation tower, where you can see the entire racetrack from above.

As a judge: Go to the right of the racetrack and climb the 2-story staircase. It ll take you to a judging panel where you can allocate points and keep laptimes.

Known issues: If you exit your vehicle while flipped in the race, there is an 80% chance that either you, the quad, or both will glitch out the floor and fall below. There is nothing I can do to fix that unfortunately, so open up the menu and hit “respawn”. That ‘ll take you to the race start.

Boosting with quads BREAKS THE STAGE. Try not to use the boost mechanic, so that no one gets trapped.

Let me know your thoughts if you try it out.”- Wertandrew


Island Type: Mini-Game, Racing
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