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About me personally:
I am Joeri Dukker from The Netherlands (born 2000) and started fortnite as many others, grinding competitive. In C2S2 I found out there was not really an efficient way to practice fights for arena, that’s how I came up with my Realistic series. When I released the 2v2 version of this, things went even crazier, it has even been an LTM several times. I always keep moving forward and pushing myself really hard, I really find it dificult to stand still and realize the cool situation I am in right now. I am glad milions of players got to enjoy my maps every week, THANK YOU 😻

My Popular Maps:
⭐ Practice Hub: 1334-8979-5898

🌲 Realistic (1v1): 7950-6306-4857
🌲 Realistic (2v2): 6570-5231-1418
🌲 Realistic (3v3): 6369-4500-6726
🌲 Realistic (1v1-4v4v4v4): 6078-7811-0032

πŸ’Ž Real PvP: 7138-4256-1397
πŸ“± Realistic for IOS: 1540-1848-2814
β›ˆοΈ Zone 7-8-9: 1381-7052-1757

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