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Hello I’m Jekyll_H_Y_D_E, or just  Jekyll,

I’m an old school player from Austria. I started on the Atari and continued with NES and immerse myself in the game world across different platforms. When I arrived at the PC, I have always loved creative games. I could build nights Castles in Stronghold or create worlds in Pharaoh.

Then, in the summer of 2020, I got to know Fortnite to make the time during the lockdown a little more fun. There I also discovered the possibilities of the creative mode for the first time and fell in love… Since then, I’ve been building maps and first tried and discovered the posibilitys. But then I have to discover my own style and copied some games for testing (RE-0, Zelda BOTW). April 2021 I received my creator code and since then I’ve mostly focused on the aesthetics to create something unique…


I mostly specialize in Aesthetics, I also have some experience in Mechanics and a bit of Musicblocks


SKILLS Aesthetics, Interior, mechanics

I am Part of MAPSHOT, a marketing agency specializing in using video games as a medium. We build custom Fortnite worlds for brands. Mapshot offers a whole new way to interact with customers and fans.



FCHQ FF Wins: 16

FCHQ Challenge: 3rd place at Treehouse Challange – 1st place Fortography Challenge FCHQ

Epic Featured: 1

Choosen Combat Callout

As well i have shoutouts in videos of Immature-Gamer, MustardPlays and Richytoons.

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