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PWR Creative is a team made up of three talented map creators; DolphinDom, Wertandrew, and KKSlider.

PWR is a global lifestyle brand at the intersection of competitive gaming, streetwear and entertainment. Founded by 24 year-old veteran gaming content creator Lachlan Power, PWR is the OCE region’s premier esports organization based in Queensland, Australia.

In early 2019, Lachlan became the first Australian YouTube Gaming channel to reach 10 million subscribers. Lachlan’s channels have quickly been established as home to some of the most popular Fortnite videos in the world. In 2018, he launched Power by Lachlan, a lifestyle apparel brand for those who share his same passion for gaming and streetwear. Today, Lachlan is a key component of the YouTube Gaming community with a loyal following of 13 million+ subscribers on YouTube alone with over 4 billion views.

PWR is focused on growing as a competitive gaming organization through the uncompromising development of individual players. It is the team’s mission to help young talent build their own professional gaming, entertainment and brand platforms in local communities and culture as a whole.

PWR connects athletes, artists, and creators alike through a simple message: sometimes you gotta play harder to win bigger.

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