Deathrun Maps

Deathrun Maps

What are Deathruns?

Fortnite Deathruns put your running, jumping, dodging, and most importantly your patience to the test. With each attempt, your problem-solving skills, movement, and fast thinking will increase, so long as you can get past the urge to throw your controller against the wall or break your headphones.

What kinds of Deathruns are there?

Fortnite deathrun maps come in many shapes and sizes, with some being a single level and some having hundreds of levels, each with their own set of obstacles. In some deathrun games, you will be leaping from tiny platforms to other tiny platforms, in others, you will be avoiding obstacles, in some, you will be chased by a death zone ensuring you complete the level quickly, and in many of the best deathrun include all of those elements and more!

What are the best Deathrun codes?

Though you will likely fail time and time again, endlessly respawning in attempt after attempt to complete a hard level, that is, ultimately, the point of a deathrun. The best deathruns are those that, even though you rage through your mistimed jumps and failed trap baits, you are still driven to reach the end. There are few things more rewarding than the feeling of completing a difficult deathrun.

Where can I find Deathrun map codes?

On you will find a growing collection of the very best Fortnite deathrun codes out there, constantly updated with new deathrun codes by the talented Fortnite Creative map-maker community. There are so many deathrun codes to choose from that you're sure to discover one that suits you and your skill level as well as your rage tolerance.

Deathrun Header Graphic made by Dumpylumpo