New HQ Crew Playthrough just released of 'Scavenger Sky Adventure'

Nightmare hotel

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13 levels that will blow your head (Parkour & Puzzle)


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    Yo, just a little feedback on your map ! It’s really nice and well thought (ice trap going off at the perfect time – you don’t expect it). But The fact you can fail the lvl 5 at the first jump and go back to lvl 1 is really annoying.. My friends and I quit your map at this time (even if i get back 3 times before quiting).. I mean, it’s unfortunate cause i think there is plenty of nice lvl after 5 and it’s really frustrating you have to do everything again if you fail.

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      Agreed, played this last night and same thing happened to me, kind of bs because it straight up took me an hour to get to level 5 just for that to happen. Would like to see what’s on the other levels. Well thought out.


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