OG Battle Royale

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Welcome back to OG Fortnite! There are several different POI's and more rotate in each week! There is also a secret battle star that grants a gold weapon to the first person to find it.

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

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The Visitor

Well, there’s an issue, we are never able to see, any other weeks. it is just week 1. 🙁 BUT I like it, make MORE of these, these are great!!! P.S. we are finding new ways to break the loop for when we come back in chapter 2 season X


i have never seen the first ever map this looks so cool


Ive got an issue, idk how long this map has been around and if it could just be glitched for me, but pleasant park, tomato town, greasy, retail, all the locations are gone. Like all the buildings are gone and its just the streets i still see and play in. Would love to see the map with the buildings tho, its the best one ive ever seen

xx cxxx

could you possibly use the “OG Graphics” trick in the next OG Fortnite map?


How did you make the chests? These are so unique and usefull!!

Blastoff Gaming

I just found this map and I have been really enjoying it I don’t know what it is but I think locations retail, Greasy, Pleasent, tomato, there is buildings missing why is that. Along with will you make a bigger version of this map with the new thermometer islands.

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OG Battle Royale

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