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Welcome to Zone Zero, where the action never ends!

Enjoy this Zero Build Zone Wars experience with very little downtime between matches, as you and fifteen other players battle it out on one of five maps to become the last one standing!


Key Features:

  • The entire game takes place within one round, which mean the game never ends and there's very little downtime between rounds so that you can get right back into the action!
  • There are five maps, each with their own unique layouts and flare. Before the beginning of every round, one map will randomly get chosen.
  • This map features a random weapon lootpool whenever a round starts, but what if you find the RNG to not be in your favor? Well, by eliminating players and winning rounds, you can earn gold to buy a Weapon Loadout! Choose between nine Loadouts to make sure you have a guaranteed inventory of the guns you want!
  • Want to experience Fortnite in a new perspective? Well this map features a First Person* Mode, which you can toggle on and off in the Lobby area
  • While you wait for rounds to end, you can enter Spectate Mode, which will allow you to freely fly around the map to watch others fight it out

*The method of First Person on this map is NOT official, it is using the Orbit camera device to work. This map also wasn't designed with First Person in mind, so if you choose to use it, you will be at a competitive disadvantage.

Map Updates

2 months ago

- Spectating players are now invisible from anyone else! Now, you won't be interfered with flying players surrounding you!
- Added an Emote Camera style to the First Person Mode, where if you emote in First Person Mode, the camera will go out of you and you can watch yourself emote at any angle
- Further readjusted the ADS Camera for First Person Mode, to make it easier to see your target
- Fixed an issue where the "(PlayerName) has stopped spectating." feed would show up when the winning player returned to the lobby

2 months ago

- Storm Phases now have their own unique damage values instead of being a constant 10 tick. Here's the damage values for each phase:
| Phases 1-2: 1%
| Phase 3: 2%
| Phases 4-5: 5%
| Phase 6: 10%
- Added a Zoom-In for players who are spectating
- The marker for Spectators now only show the Icon above a player's head, as well as hide the icon when you can't directly see them
- Spectators should now have a glow effect to better help differentiate them from regular players
- Increased Weapon Loadout prices from 15 to 20 Gold
- Fixed an issue where the crouch state of the First Person Mode would desync whenever you win a game or jumped from a slide
- Fixed an issue where the score displayed on the Last Round Winner was inaccurate

3 months ago

- Added an option to spectate while a round is still going
- Adjusted the First Person device to make it more immersive when ADS-ing
- Disabled player collision
- Reduced the price of Weapon Loadouts from 25 to 15 Gold

3 months ago

- Added an option to turn on First Person in the Lobby area of the map
| Note that the way this map wasn't designed with First Person in mind. Also, since the Orbit Camera is in Early Access, it is possible to come across some bugs, so be careful when using it
- Added the Thunderbolt of Zeus to the random lootpool
- Adjusted Arid Dunes and Fishing Falls to provide extra cover to hide behind
- Removed the Shockwave Hammer due to the physics of props when using it

3 months ago

- Adjusted certain areas in Fishing Falls to provide better cover
- Added the Mythic variants of Chapter 5 weapons and the Wings of Icarus to the random lootpool
- Readjusted the matchmaking system to make already existing sessions fill up easier


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Zone Zero | Zero Build Zone Wars

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