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Singularity 1v1 [v6]


Have access to every weapon and gun + play with up to 16 friends in this small hectic map

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Map Description

Brace for Impact | Singularity 1v1 Arena Update
Meteors have impacted the island, which destroyed and created huge changes within the map!

Party’s Over and Brace for Impact…and watch all my maps for portals. Get Ready for Invasion with a new map made by HQ via

What’s New in v6.0

  • Added Weapon Free Zones in the Gun Room
  • Added a timer that starts and counts down to the 1v1 starting
  • Customized Button Interact Text
  • When the Game Starts, Aim Assist Is Disabled for ALL players, including Xbox, Ps4, Switch, and mobile
  • Added 2 Buttons at the Gun Room that allows you to disable or enable vaulted items
  • Moved pre-game location
  • Changed 1v1 platform to better aid the players
  • Reduced more props around the map to make it better for 1v1s

What’s New in v5.0

  • Added a button system that makes it so you need to go at the same time
  • Play with every gun and item that has been added up-to-date with v9.40
  • Added the UNRELEASED Storm Scout Sniper Rifle
  • Redid the 1v1 part in the middle to be raised up by a Kevin Island
  • Redid the tags to help players around the map
  • A ton of quality of life changes

What’s New in v3.95

  • Added Proximity Launcher
  • Added The Splash Heath thing
  • Easily keep track of the score on the HUD, 1 kill =‘s 1 point
  • Added every item up to the v9.30 update

What’s New in v3.94

  • Added every item up to the Burst SMG
  • Added colored tiles to each spawner cuz I think they look cool 😛

What’s New in v3.9

  • Added Shadow Bombs

What’s New in v3.8

  • Added New Weezers Prefabs
  • Fixed Up some issues

What’s New in v3.7

  • Idk

What’s New in v3.6?

  • Reduced the mess on the 1v1 floor
  • Removed damage traps from gun room
  • Removed the training arena
  • Reduced amount of hop rocks
  • Made quality of life changes
  • Forgot to mention a change for v3.5. Added custom scoreboard when the games ends (Game ends now at 20 minutes

What’s new in v3.5?

  • Added New Epic Infantry Rifle
  • Added Sword in Stone to the Stage
  • Helicopters are now coming from the portal
  • New Map from the story has been revealed
  • Fixed ALL Spawn pads
  • Yellow Submarine got frozen in time
  • Strange Heads are at the impact sites (nothing story, just cool I guess…)

The Aliens Are Here in v3.4

  • Look to the sky’s, what could this mean…

v3.3 Update Changes

  • Reduced hop rock spawns
  • Cleaned up the area to allow better fighting
  • Added RPGs, grenade launcher, Quadlauncher and grenades

The military is Ready for War in v3.2

  • The military is setting up for an all-out war with guns and stations as our enemy has been revealed
  • Police from the military have shown up (Shown with a red badge)
  • Added hop rocks at impact sites

Cleanup begins in v3.1 Update

  • Cleanup and investigation of the meteors impact and where rest of the meteors are going…
  • Watch for portals in my other maps to stay updated with the story!

MAJOR v3.0 Update IS HERE!

  • Enter a completely new overhauled map in the midst of meteor impact
  • Added meteor impact sites
  • The DJ party is destroyed because of the impacts
  • Lava Portals summon the meteors
  • Added and changed all snowman
  • All areas near impact sites are now affected by the meteors
  • Opened the Training Range

v2.1 Update Changes

  • Added the ability to disable consumables
  • Closed off the training range temporarily
  • Added all traps to the consumables floor
  • Added new decorations
  • Added new text that says which item is “New”
  • Moved some items around
  • Fixed some item spawners showing up in
  • game

v2.0 Update Changes

  • Added the Training Range (Work in Progress)
  • Added the Boom Bow

v1.1 Update Changes

  • Added Infinity Blade
  • Fix bugs related to placed items


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Damn, that looks hot!

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