Tommy Flitch

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It's been one year to the night that Tommy Flitch disappeared. Drawn in by the legend, one foolish dare begins a descent into the unknown.

Tommy Flitch is a story-driven survival scare fest to tingle your soul and tickle your awareness. Includes hidden challenges which if completed allows you to explore behind-the-scenes. Best experienced with headphones or headset!

(I'll leave out the spooky details because the less you know about this map before you play it, the better your experience will be)

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Hey so I died after opening the double doors, I grabbed the key from the attic of the basement house thingy, went back opened the double doors where the flame goblin statue is, I died to flame damage, and after responding I have no key and the key isn’t anywhere in the map. The double doors are locked and I’m deadlocked. Idk if it’s a glitch or what but I exited and tried again, re played the whole thing up until that point, died, and the same thing happened. No key doors locked, just super frustrating. I was really into it until that happened. I want to finish the story and play it out but I literally can’t progress cuz there’s no re entering that door


**respawning not responding


I loved this map. I admit it, I failed once 😅 but I found the scenario greatly built, and the story highly intriguing. Looking forwards to more maps!

ur nan

holy fuck ur shit is ass you made the areas when you have to do parkour shit crowded asf plus in the ending when theres a timer for you to “escape the darkness” on the first 30 seconds i couldnt even jump wtf is ur programming

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Tommy Flitch

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