Zone Wars to the FUTURE [v4.4] Now with BR Zone!

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Have a fast-moving zone with the new storm device, may have a few bugs, but I fixed most of the big ones!


What's New in v4.4

  • Added every item that was added up to v9.40
  • The leaderboard declares the last one alive the winner and not the most kills
  • Only 1 round
  • Replaced geysers with launchpads that are marked with a red beacon

What's New in v4.3

  • Added new Chug Splash
  • Removed spawn room
  • Fixed leader-boards
  • Replaced launchpads with geysers

Zones Moving in v4.2

  • Re-added the moving zone from BR

Don't Get Close to Grenades in v4.1

  • Added the new Proximity Grenades Launcher
  • Removed BR zone due to unpredictable bugs (I expected the v9.21 to fix those, but nope, hopefully, will be fixed so I can add it after the v9.30 update)
  • #Reverted to the old zone, now more consistent with triggers
  • Added a new dinosaur exhibit
  • Removed infinity blade at the end
  • You no longer have the zone infinity going past the end killing the players
  • Removed all color tiles at the start
  • Made the starting room even quicker to die
  • Item Room no longer blows up
  • Changed color of beacon that shows where the launch pad is to be more clear and easy to see

Zones are Moving and Switching in v4.0!

  • Added the worlds first BR zone that works without most of the annoying bug and issues that come with the simple storm device
  • Added Storm Switch to switch up the gameplay!
  • Re-Added spawn room to quickly die to remove all bugs like not being able to ADS
  • The spawn w/ item spawner now self-destructs to fix issues with the zone

What's New in v3.12

  • Fixed a few bugs that made the game broken

What's New in v3.11

  • Removed starting room because it makes games feel to slow

What's New in v3.1

  • Added starting room where you die right as you spawn so you don't get bugs like not being able to scope or sprint, the zone will start the same time as you spawn in the zone wars part, and DON'T RESPAWN IN THE STARTING ROOM

What’s New in BIG v3.0 Update

  • Added new mine system in the start
  • Moved the launchpad to the left side and added another launchpad
  • Added new graveyard building at the end
  • Reworked the zone so it comes and goes in reverse near the end
  • Made zone faster as a result of changing the length of the zone
  • Made quality of life improvements to the map
  • Re-enabled fully being able to break and destroy the map for mats
  • Added new Burst SMG To default loadout
  • Removed Suppressed SMG From starting loadout
  • Made rocks to prevent you from getting stuck indestructible
  • Reduced the number of mushrooms there are in the mines (Will add new mine prefab down there in v3)
  • Made the games first to 3 rounds
    Changed length of victory screens

What's New in v2.83

  • Added LaunchPad at the bottom of the first hole with a glow to show players where it is
  • Fixed more cracks in the map where you get stuck
  • Cleaned up the map to reduce the memory
  • Disabled the ability to break anything in this map
  • Speed of zone is set to 25 (fast)
  • Would love feedback in the comments about the balance of items and if you find any bugs to have a bugless map <3

What's New in v2.8

  • Added unbreakable rock to try to prevent people from getting stuck
  • Added new Items and weapons in the spawn locations
  • Made the storm EVEN FASTER to allow the games to go longer and farther into the map
  • Fixed the number of rounds back to 5
  • Fixed how long the victory screen shows up
  • Fixed a bug where you didn’t spawn with guns after the second round

What’s New in v2.7

  • Removed floating platforms at the beginning
  • Added 1 bouncer in starting inventory
  • Added the round winner as a winning screen after 5 rounds
  • Updated description of the island
  • Added the minimap, but disabled the big map

What's New in v2.6

  • Added Gold Pump and blue pump to 1 spawner
  • Added a new building

What’s New in v2.5

  • You can now break anything in this map
  • Added peppers
  • Added 60 Auto Start
  • Fun added 🙂

What's New in v2.4

  • Fixed where you didn't spawn with materials and ammo
  • Rebalanced the bow spawner
  • Made the storm a bit faster

What's New in v2.32

  • Added Apples near trees
  • Added mushrooms near the mines
  • Fixed floating platforms at the beginning killing of you jump on them

What’s New in v2.3

  • Added the new Tactical Assault Rifle to 3 different item spawners
  • Added team rotation to not have you spawn in the same location in a row

What’s New in v2.2

  • Added another new building
  • Removed bouncer from starting inventory
  • Added floating platforms with air vents at the start to aid people getting down without dying to fall damage
  • More balancing and improvements to better allow for more fun <3

What's New in v2.1

  • Added a new building completely built from the ground up
  • Lots of new decorations
  • Added vents
  • Slightly Increased zone speed
  • Light up the party with more LIGHTS /s

What's New in v2.0 and Welcome to Season 9!

  • Added new Neo Tilted props as decoration
  • Removed the pump from starting inventory and spawners
  • Added Combat Shotgun in starting inventory and spawners

What's New in v1.2 (Last update until Season 9)

  • Added New terrain and decorations to make the map feel alive
  • Added a little mine system and cave
  • Added lights at spawn to highlight the gun you got or item
  • Added the Bow to 1 spawner 🙂
  • Lots plained with the new creative updates in season 9 <3

What's New in v1.1

  • Play tested for hours to make the game mode amazing
  • Rebalanced zone speed, items and spawns
  • Added item drops on death
  • Added launch pad at the first large ravine
  • Made rounds last longer with a slightly slower storm
  • Make it so you only get 1 smoke grande down from 3
  • Added a bit more gun variety to spawners
  • KNOW ISSUE: Random cracks that gets the player stuck (FIXED)

What's New in v1.02

  • Added smoke grenades and a new spawner

What’s New in v1.01

  • Making the 🙂
  • Added More guns that are randomly chosen at your spawn

Map Updates

No map updates yet.


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looks sick nice work

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Zone Wars to the FUTURE [v4.4] Now with BR Zone!

Copy » Paste » Play! Need Help?


Have a fast-moving zone with the new storm device, may have a few bugs, but I fixed most of the big ones!

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