45°: Juggernaut

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NEW CLASS *MEDIC + Balance improvements (09/16/21)

[Team based survival/(Real Player) Boss Fight game mode] 2 players required

Juggernauts HP now ratios to the player count in the team
2 or less players jugg hp 500 shield 500
3+ players jugg hp 1000 shield 1000

5+ players jugg hp 1500 shield 1500
7+ players jugg hp 2000 shield 2000

Alien weapons exclusive to the Juggernaut position
Primal weapons have been added to the loot pool of both teams

Only the Juggernaut is able to use Bows & Alien weapons!

Take on the JUGGERNAUT or become the JUGGERNAUT! Team up to stop the JUGGERNAUT from destroying bombs around the Village! (1 vs 8)

Jugg must destroy the 3 bombs or be the last man standing
The Squad must eliminate the jugg to win or win on time out

A 9 player mini-game 8 players spawn on a team

8 players decide a class(Each time class is selected, random weapons are given)

1 Jugg

Juggernaut gets random loadout predetermined on round start (2,000 HP) and get shot out of a cannon and can use their glider to deploy on the map

There are 5 bomb locations, 3 will be chosen at random during the game.

Jugg syphon is turned on

There are 3 different Jugg class types


Map Updates

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45°: Juggernaut

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