BrawlMania--Chapter 3 Update!

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Fight in an FFA with fast movement and a wide variety of maps to choose from!
Classic Gamemode with classes
Sandbox Gamemode with all items
7 Maps to choose from!
Chapter 3 Update!

Map Updates

6 months ago

Automation Update!
Added New Gamemode Voting System
Added New Map Voting System
Added Group Teleporting so everyone is teleported
at the same time
Added New Text Colors and New Class Names

5 months ago

Quality of Life Update!
Added New Remastered Decor and Rooms
Added New Class, Vendetta
Sandbox Balance Changes
Classic Balance Changes

3 months ago

Spooky Season Update!
Added new Spooky Pre-game.
Added New Class, "Sideways."
Balance Changes + Overall changes to Sandbox mode.
Added new Gamemode and Weapon Select Rooms.
FCHQ Island Image is now in-game.

1 month ago

Chapter 3 Update!
New Class: Scout
New Class and Balance Changes (Replaced some weapons with Chapter 3 weapons)
Chapter 3 Weapons added to Sandbox


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  • 72 Copies
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BrawlMania--Chapter 3 Update!

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