Snowman Slopes Resort: Zonewars

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Snowman Slopes Resort

Welcome to the Resort! 

We hope you enjoy your stay after a long fight. Enjoy some box fights, spend your gold in the shops, hang out with friends, and spectate others.

Play zone wars at the start of the match. Use weapons you bought and weapons from the current br loot pool. 4 random storms with different difficulties. Random weather effects can happen. When you die you get sent to the Resort.


💢 Practice your boxfights

❌ Kills don't give points

💣 Builds reset every 1:30 min


💰 Buy items to use on other rounds

🎫 When you buy an item you get a token

🎲 All shops are random

🕺 Emote at the start

💾 Item tokens save between games. No rush to use them


🌥 Sky spectate and get a birds-eye view

👻 Traditional Spectate

Map Updates

1 month ago

v18 - Added leaderboard

1 month ago

v15 - WINTERFEST UPDATE! - Added Infinite Gift, More Snowmen, Updated northern lights, 25 rounds, bug fixes

2 months ago

v13 - Added Ch3 S1 Loot, Added; More Snowmen, New shops, Sliding

2 months ago

v12 - Added Accolades, Updated resort sign, Added combat Pistol/Ar

3 months ago

v10 - Vaulted Charge Shotgun, Fixed bugs, Quality of life updates, Improved performance


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Map Videos

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  • 2 - 16 Players
  • 185 Copies
  • Published
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Snowman Slopes Resort: Zonewars

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