The Fortnite Show Feat. MustardPlays

⌚ It's news, but it's not NEW news

Just a heads up, this post is over 6 months old. FCHQ just REstarted covering Fortnite Creative mode.

We're going to be covering Fortnite Creative mode leaks, news, and showcasing Fortnite Creative talent like never before.

Fortnite Creative has huge potential, and we're covering it all, so stick around.

HQ Creator iiiSandman has produced his second episode of 'The Fortnite Show' with none other than popular YouTuber (and Fortnite Creative builder) MustardPlays! If you are looking for a deep-dive into Mustard's world, be sure to check this out!

If you enjoyed this video be sure to check out the first episode with Ballatw and be sure to subscribe to Sandman's YouTube Channel!


At FCHQ, we're dedicated to promoting the best maps in Fortnite Creative mode. We help Creators (map-makers) get players for their maps, and help players find maps they want to play.

Writers and Leakers wanted

Are you passionate about Fortnite Creative? We're looking for dedicated creators and players to cover the goings-on in the Fortnite Creative world!

Interested? Get in touch

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