v11.40 Patch Notes – Horseshoe Island and Village Galleries!


We miss the old days when we would get new content every single week either in the form of a full or smaller content update. The last update was just before the Christmas break so today’s patch finally gave us something to work with!

Let’s hop into patch notes and check the new additions.

What’s New?

Village Galleries
Additional variants to the previous Village Galleries to help expand your own village!

Horseshoe Island
A unique U-shaped island with more water for aquatic adventures.



  • Added Horseshoe Island – A U-shaped island with smaller outlying islands to swim between.


  • Added Friendly Fire option to My Island settings and Team Settings device to allow players to deal damage to teammates during a game.
  • Added a new value to the Autostart option in the My Island settings.
    • Immediate – the game will automatically start as soon as the player has loaded into the island.
  • Changed how spectating players are grouped in voice chat when the Voice Chat option is set to Teams;  rather than grouping all spectating players into the same voice chat, they are now grouped together by team.


  • Added 2 New Galleries.
    • Variant Village Roof Gallery.
    • Snowy Village Roof Gallery.
  • Added additional roof peaks to Village Building Color Gallery A & B.
  • Added additional roof assets to Village Roof Gallery.
  • Added grass patches to Grass & Dirt Floor Gallery B.


  • Added new option to Class Designer and Team Settings & Inventory devices.
    • Equip Granted Item – When the device grants items to a player, this option allows a specific item to be automatically equipped.
      • Don’t Equip, First Item, Second Item, Third Item, Fourth Item, Fifth Item (Default: Don’t Equip).


  • We are probably getting AK-47 – Heavy Assult Rifle soon.

Full patch notes with bug fixes are available here.

Are you excited about the new additions? Do you think we need regular weekly updates again? Let us know in the comments!

v11.40 Patch Notes – Horseshoe Island and Village Galleries!