v9.30 Content update #2 [SCREENSHOTS] – Paradise Palms PREFABS and NEW Drum Shotgun!


Another week and we’ve got another content update. This is the first time we’ve got back to back content updates.. But we ain’t complaining! You’ll get to see Paradise Palms prefabs and galleries, and a new Drum Shotgun! Let’s check the patch notes!


Prefabs and Galleries
Create your own paradise with these new prefabs and galleries!


Drum Shotgun
Pick up the beat with this brand new Shotgun!


  • Added 7 New Prefabs:
    • Paradise Palms Hotel
    • Paradise Palms Hotel Pool
    • Paradise Palms Computer Cafe
    • Paradise Palms House
    • Paradise Palms Car Dealership
    • Truck ‘N’ Oasis
    • Roadside Diner
  • Added 5 New Galleries:
    • Paradise Palms Gallery
    • Paradise Palms Prop Gallery
    • Truck ‘N’ Oasis Gallery
    • Roadside Diner Gallery
    • Sand & Grass Floor Gallery


  • Drum Shotgun
    • Available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants.
    • Clip size of 12
    • 45 / 47 / 50 damage per shot.
    • Available from Floor Loot, Vending Machines, and Loot Carriers

Full patch notes are here. Are you excited about the new additions in Creative? Let us know in the comments!

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v9.30 Content update #2 [SCREENSHOTS] – Paradise Palms PREFABS and NEW Drum Shotgun!



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