Content update v8.51 – Shadow bomb and new Diner prefabs!


This week’s content update is out! Although it’s arguably the smallest update ever in terms of Creative, it brings a few very exciting additions! New item is here – the Shadow bomb, stealth bomb that grants you movement and invisibility. There are long requested Diner prefabs which will add a variety of pieces for some creative inspiration.


Diner Prefabs!
Grab a table for two, or the entire kitchen, with these delectable, new Diner prefabs.

Shadow bomb!
Shrouds yourself in shadow, briefly becoming invisible to enemies.


  • Shadow Bomb
    • 6-second duration
    • User becomes more visible to others near the end of the effect.
    • Increases your movement speed, provides the ability to double jump, and wall jump.
      • Players are unable to attack, build, or loot while under the effects of the Shadow Bomb.


  • New Prefabs and Galleries based on Fortnite Battle Royale’s restaurants and diners.
    • Durrr Burger Prefab
    • Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit Prefab
    • SofDeez Ice Cream Shop Prefab
    • 4 Diner Galleries

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Content update v8.51 – Shadow bomb and new Diner prefabs!