Patch notes v8.50 – Round system, Phase Mode, Pirate prefabs and more!


Fortnite Creative Patch v8.5 brings us some interesting and quality-of-life improvements we’re really happy with! In this update, you’re able to phase through builds which makes navigating across your map much easier! Epic also introduced Game Rounds system which is a fun mechanic for any playstyles with multiple rounds. Furthermore, a few people requested Pirate ship prefabs on the last Fortnite Creative AMA and their wish came true in this patch. Full patch notes are below.


Game Rounds
Play a round! New game settings are now available, such as the ability to add rounds! Find out more in the Gameplay section below.


Phase Mode
Phase mode allows you to toggle collision with objects and the world On & Off. When you’re in Phase mode you can pass freely through all terrain and bring objects with you.


Pirate Ship Prefab
Avast, ye mateys! Become the captain of your very own Pirate Ship! Imagine and create your own Pirate Cove using this new prefab.



  • Added two new featured Island portals to the Creative and Playground Hub.
  • Reduced player Island portals from 8 to 6 in the Creative Hub.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Material resources were not being reset when returning to the Hub.
  • Infinite material resources were not being toggled properly when Island permissions changed.


  • New Rounds game settings
    • You can now add rounds to any game.
    • Everything will be reset to the original pre-game state when starting a new round.
    • Each round uses the end game Score and Winner display settings to announce a winner, and also displays a round scoreboard.
    • The number of wins per team or player is displayed on the scoreboard.
      • In the future, we will be adding an overall winner for the game display.
    • The Total Rounds setting sets the number of rounds from 1 to 100.
  • Updated options for Eliminations, Creature Eliminations, Objectives to Win, and Collect Items to:
    • Win to be Off, 1-10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1000.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Players could cause damage to each other after a game had ended.
  • Games were taking unexpectedly long times to start on Islands with Creative Spawners.
  • Lobby music would play on a continuous loop after winning a game.
  • Players in a party that was set to “Sit Out” would go into the game if the party leader joined a game in progress.


  • Added Phase mode:
    • While flying, you can now activate Phase mode to pass through objects and terrain!
    • Phasing can be very useful for quickly navigating your Island while editing.
    • To activate or deactivate Phase mode:
      • On the keyboard, press the N key(this can be reassigned in Settings).
      • On controllers, hold down the Left Thumbstick.
      • On mobile devices, you can assign a new Phase button to your HUD which allows you to toggle Phase.
  • Your Phase setting will be remembered, so you’ll continue to phase after you stop and start flying.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fruit consumable could not be selected by the Phone.
  • Some props or tiles could vanish when copying nearby objects after Multi-Selecting them.
  • Player build walls could be scaled and rotated if selected alongside another object using Multi-Select.
  • Prop orientation would change unexpectedly when Grid Snap was toggled.


  • Added the Pirate Ship Prefab.
  • Added the Pirate Ship Gallery.
  • Added six Pirate Cove Prefabs.
  • Added the Pirate Cove Gallery and Pirate Cove Prop Gallery.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • The metal trash can in General Props Gallery B was prevented from being cut or copied.
  • The draw distance for the trash bag has been improved, allowing them to be visible from further away.
  • Roof pieces from the Military Base Set were turning green after being placed with Multi-Select.
  • The pillars in the Ice Castle Set could not be placed after being rotated on a changed axis.
  • Canceling a cut of the rings from the Rings Gallery would cause that ring to be unaffected by the Phone.
  • The Ice Castle Balcony was unable to be placed correctly.


  • Added new options to Stormwing Spawner to configure whether objects are destroyed when they’re hit:
    • Boosted Health Threshold – While boosting straight into an object with this amount of health or less, it will be destroyed immediately (Default: Everything)
    • Direct Hit Health Threshold – After a head-on collision into an object, if it has this amount of health or less it will be destroyed (Default: 300)
    • Breakthrough Health Threshold – Anything the Stormwing bumps with this amount of health or less will be destroyed. (Default: 0)  
    • Options (Battle Royale, 0, 150, 300, 450, 600 or Everything)
      • Battle Royale – Use the current balance as defined by Battle Royale (This will change over time based on the Stormwing’s current state in Battle Royale)
      • 0 – 600 – The current health the object must be below for it to be destroyed.
      • Everything – There is no threshold, everything will be destroyed.
  • New options for Objective Device
    • Updated health bar look with a selectable identifying letter.
    • Added option to identify the objective NONE, A, B, C, D, W, X, Y or Z
    • Added option to show the objective health in the HUD
      • Make sure to select Objective as the HUD Type in the UI Settings.
    • Added Hide Health Bar At options 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45
    • Added option to Objective Devices to set their Beacon Color:
      • Red, Blue or Orange:  The beacon will always appear with the chosen color.
      • Friendly/Enemy:  The beacon will be colored either Red or Blue depending on whether it is on the opposing team or not.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Spawned Creatures and Sentries were remaining active even after a game had ended.
  • The Boom Bow was not causing damage to Sentries.
  • Incorrect text was being displayed after a Sentry eliminated a player.
  • Two Sentries could spawn on top of each other when starting a game.
  • Sounds would not play when scoring in a Capture Area while the Radio was playing.
  • Increased the draw distance of coins by 3 times their previous distance.
  • Made the Pinball Bumper the same draw distance as the Pinball Flipper.


  • You can now display the Scoreboard in game by pressing the Map button while a game is in progress. This option is on by default.
    • Use the Map Display Widget option to choose between Scoreboard and Default Map.
  • Added Objectives to HUD Type that allows for Objectives health to be shown on HUD

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • The material resources icons were not showing the “infinite” graphic.
  • The UI in Creative Mode was still appearing after switching to Save the World if the game was not restarted.
  • Scoreboard Fixes
    • Only two players with identical scores could show as tied for the same place.
    • The scoreboard was not appearing when choosing a narrow time difference between “Winner Display Time” and “Score Display Time”.
    • Sometimes displayed the same player’s name multiple times.
    • Player’s row was not consistently being highlighted.
    • Placement placards would always show “1st” when on teams.
    • Various team settings caused scoreboard columns to be offset.
    • The Score Tracking widget was unable to be removed from the HUD on mobile.
  • The Time setting in the UI Settings was not counting upward.
  • The Time setting was appearing in both the UI Settings tab and the Game tab. It now only shows in the UI Settings tab.
  • There was a typo in the Radio track “Fortnite Remix”.
  • A party leader joining a Creative server would sometimes take Sitting Out players with them into a game.

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Patch notes v8.50 – Round system, Phase Mode, Pirate prefabs and more!